Don’t be scared: It’s just Halloween stuff

It should shock no one to know that sometimes my tastes run a little dark, toward the macabre. That’s what an upbringing in a loving, well-adjusted family will get ya these days, I guess. Sorry, Mom and Dad!

So I have had maybe a little bit too much fun stocking the shop with spooky stuff for Halloween and Day of the Dead, both of which are rapidly approaching.

Photo prints

It all pretty much started with these guys right here:

skeleton garland

I took this photo a few years ago and converted it to black and white and put it in the shop around this time last year. Since then, it’s been consistently the most treasuried and viewed photo in my shop. At Cooper-Young Festival, I got lots of comments on it. People wanted to know where I took it. It was disappointing to hear that it was a strand of skeleton garland and not a pile of bones I stumbled upon while spelunking. Oh well.

(Note: This photo is in the shop right now as a black and white print. I can easily ship you the color photo above if you prefer it. Just convo me and we’ll set it up.)

There’s also this guy, who appeared for a while on the back side of the free-standing Anderton’s wall after one side was demolished.

Day 142: My Demon

I have him hung above my toilet at home. As you do. (And as you can too.)


So, having photos of skeletons hung around the house isn’t necessarily for everyone. Which is why I made a couple of Halloweenish card designs. You know, so you can spread the skull love.

Set of 5 Boo! cards Set of 6 Skully folded note cards
Boo cards listed here*; Skully cards listed here.


Having a Halloween party? Don’t want to spend a ton getting invitations prepared? I’ve got you covered. Just send me your information and I can plug it in to this 4×6 design featuring the skull print mentioned above. Then you can print out the invitations at home or at Walgreens or Office Max or wherever you prefer. (Or I can print them for you and ship with matching envelopes.) Super simple and I can guarantee you won’t have the same invitations as everyone else in town.

4x6 Skeleton customizable Halloween party invitation

I’m always taking orders for custom work. See a photo you like and want it on an invitation or card? Just send me a note at theogeo at gmail dot com, or convo me on Etsy. I look forward to hearing from you!

*want this card without the word “Boo” on it? No problem. Just send me a note.