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Cozy hat, crazy eyes!

Hi! Welcome to Eyedot Creative, home to the salty and Southern-fried designs and photography of Lindsey Turner. That’s me. I’m glad you stopped by!

I’m a designer/writer/photographer/mom/manager living in Nashville, where I lead a team of newspaper designers. News design was my first true design love and the thing that I got a degree in. I love it. This thing I do here where I make pretty and funny and pretty funny things, I do on the side, but I love it too.

The weird name up there — Eyedot, what the heck does that mean?! — comes from this brown spot in my left eye that I was born with. It’s not a pencil lead jab mark and it’s not an alien laser. (That you know of.) It’s been with me from the beginning and it shows no sign of going away and it’s one of my weird little quirks you wouldn’t notice unless you got close enough. It’s unexpected, a little strange and makes people do a bit of a double-take, which is how I would describe the kind of design I like.

Please stick around and have a look at my work, and let me know if you think there is anything I can do for you. I’m always up for new freelance opportunities and custom work. Email me at eyedotcreative at gmail.com or find me on the internets: I Facebook, tweet and Instagram as @eyedotcreative.

You can check out my Etsy shop here. And find out what I’m getting up to at my personal blog here.

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